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1. Advertising Medium:
Where did you see our advertisment?

2. Current Employee:
Are you a current employee of R Hannah & Co or Number One Shoes (or have you ever been a previous employee of either brand)?

3. Residency Status:
What is your current residency status?

4. Experience:
The pair of shoes the customer is looking for isn't available instore. What do you do?

5. Availability:
What is your availability for work?

6. Appeal:
Why would you like to work for Hannahs?

7. Experience:
How do you feel about working towards targets?

8. Personal Fit:
How would your best friend describe you?

9. Experience:
In your opinion, what makes a successful sales person?

10. Experience:
The store is really busy and your shift has ended, what would you do?

11. Experience:
A customer has just entered the store. What greeting would you use to approach them?

12. Sales:
When do you think is the best time to introduce shoe care?

13. Experience:
Which of the following best describes you? When you are working, you:

14. Experience:
Do you have previous retail experience?

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